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Spill-Chek has Held a High Standard for over 35 years and the management and employees strive to uphold this high standard not only with our products but with Customer Service aswell. We look forward to making all our clients feel secure in knowing that they will receive the best we have to offer. We have hand picked the products we offer because they are of a quality that our Company feels we can pass on to our customers.

Product List

Secondary Containments for in ground and on the surface application as well as mobile and stationary options.

Spill Response Products For all the day to day needs and for preventive measures aswell. We can help you build a spill response plan with some of the best first responders in the world. The need for preventive measures aswell as forward planning for a disaster is the most important part of Response. Pro active measures are the most crutial part of a good response plan.

After Years of seeing many disasters claim so many areas we have brought forward with the help of a few associates a biological attack using natures hydrocarbon fighters to help win our battle against oil spills we have a method of using these micro warriors that will leave a zero residual hydrocarbon footprint on both recent and old spills. We can now renew sites that were thought to be lost forever.

Our New App (Being released soon)

Our new app we hope revolutionizes the way we look at spills today. It will keep the community in touch with one another and give us all the ability to save our environment. Stay tuned and join the movement as we all can be apart of a better, cleaner future. We look forward to seeing everyone there.