Secondary Containment Systems

We offer Two main Types of Secondary Containment Systems. 

-In Ground Systems which are installed below grade. Our manufacturers CIAgent are our manufacturers for the In ground containment system offering a custom site specific containment that can vary in depths from 12" to 6'. They have perfected the in ground system and we are the distributors for Western Canada,Yukon and the Territories.

-Above Ground Systems which are on the surface.

 Over the last few years we have developed a very robust but economical system with Zero ground disturbance that meets all the criteria that our clients require. Our Trademark Strut-Lok system has the capability to meet all parameters that are necessary on both utility and industrial sites. Also with the ability to vary in height from 12" to 24" and meets all safety and fire rating guidelines. We are confident that we can build what you need to suite your project criteria. 

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Hydrocarbon Solutions

-Evac: Hydrocarbon Dewatering Filtration System

-Biological Control Systems (Bio-WorX)

-Sheen Filters

-Sheen Boom

-HFF Stop Valve Filter System

Oil Spill Response Products

Spill Kits

- BH-A1 Kit

         This kit is designed to be able to handle smaller spills usually carried by pick-ups or crew trucks for minor spills that may happen on the road.

- BH-A2 Kit

         The A2 is a larger Kit made for larger equipment and/or Pick-ups with tidy tanks. Larger heavy trucks and highway rig trucks also find these handy to carry and can contain a substantial amount of oil/hydrocarbons from entering the environment 

- Mini Kit

            Our Mini is good for recreational purpose whether it be a boat or an off road vehicle the mini comes with enough pads to be able to clean up small spills on the water or on land.

   The Large Kits come with directions on how to build a temporary containment or a barrier to prevent further damage to our environment. A spill report card to document what type of a spill, how much and what measures where taken to recover the spill as well as detailing the site location and the specifics in case further clean up is necessary. Clean up bags and the protective equipment needed to prevent contact with the contaminant are also provided with our kits for your safety

Our Larger Barrel Kits

Our Barrel Spill Kits come in 3 sizes aswell which include:30 Gal, 45 Gal, 65 Gal

The 30 gal Barrel is good for small sites and Safety Vehicles which will usually be the first responders on all incidents. Booms, Socks, Pads and the PPE needed is included as well as a how to manual and documentation to record details. 

The 45 Gal Barrel is good for sites that may have multiple pieces of heavy equipment on site where leaks are more common and if the equipment is larger and has more oil on-board then a smaller kit is able to contain.

The 65 Gal Barrel is good for Remote sites where there may not be more spill product readily available It carries more of the same product. There is also multiple sheets for documentation as these are usually used on multiple small site spills. 

Other Products and Bulk

Some other products that are good to have in the oil response tool box are: 


    Is Natures Solution To Chemical remediation. A natural occuring Moss that filters out everything in the water column including herbacide,Pesticide Hydrocarbons and other contaminants.

-Plug N Dyke

-River Boom

-Salvage Barrels

-Agent X

-Spill Trays Hard plastic, Various sizes

-Spill Trays Soft Collapsible, Various sizes

-Dewatering Bags in Many Various Sizes and can be Custom built to requirements

-Oil Response Trailers.  

 Our Rental trailers come fully stocked with everything you would need to operate a large industrial job site from extra kits to a variety of booms, pads and PPE.


-Sorbant Boom 5" x 10'

-Sorbant Boom 8" x 10'

-Socks 3" x 4'

-Socks 3" x 8'

-Sweeps  x 25'

-Pom Poms 25 in a bag

-Pads Regular (white) non water absorbing 100 per bag

-Pads Universal (Grey) 100 per bag

-Pads Acid Resistant (Yellow) 100 per bag

Ceramic Firewall